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Saturday, May 11, 2013

New York, Old Me - 6WS

Always discern your voice from others'

I just spent the last five days in the city that never sleeps.  It was my first time there, so of course I wanted to do some of the obligatory touristy things - Central Park, Times Square, Rockefeller Plaza....I did much more walking than sleeping for sure.  It was pretty amazing....but not for the reasons that I thought.

I found myself in a quaint restaurant on the Lower East Side, chatting with two of my girlfriends about relationships, challenges, lessons and choices.  I was explaining my pattern of people-pleasing and acquiescence and throughout the conversation, found myself returning to the phrase "I don't even know what I want anymore."  All of a sudden, one of the women I was with snapped, "Stop saying that you don't know.  You DO know! You know what you want for everything else in your life...it's the same voice, it's just talking to you about something else."

So maybe it isn't so much that I don't know what I want as much as I have to learn to listen harder to be able to recognize my own voice amongst the many others I have trained myself to listen to and listen for.

The sound probably hasn't changed as much as I think it has...


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  1. Wise words. As you get older, you do learn to turn off the other voices and listen to your own. You find the way to do it, in your own way.

  2. Sounds like a fun time in the city, Ms. S.C. ~~ I like NYC, I think I would like to stay there for a couple or three years. It grows on you.

    I don't listen to my voice much anymore because it tells me crazy things. I'm in my fourth adult life and really didn't mind being single. I wasn't looking for a 'keeper' when Mrs. Jim found me. But now we've been married forty years. My ex now has been married four times but the present has lasted twenty plus (I don't keep track, not my business) years.

    So one never knows. I'd listen to my friends and let the chips fall and doors open or shut as they may. That is me.

    Bless you, now go and have more fun times with those friends.