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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Married Guy's Best (girl)Friend

I am your quintessential married guy's platonic girlfriend -- safe, fun, wife-friendly, and open to talking about just about anything without the (not-so) subtle 'it-should've-been-us' subtext or worse yet - an air of 'it-still-could'.  I'm the "good girl" who is going to make some man a great wife...someday.  Well, that's what they keep telling me - the many, many men who count me as the one who got away.  I've even been engaged - twice, in fact. Once when I was too young to make good decisions and once when I was old enough to change my mind before I made a bad one.  So, now I'm keeping track of it all --my mistakes and theirs -- and hoping that somewhere in all the blogging, I'll find my way to someday. To Mr. Right. To my very own happy wedded ending.

I'm embarking on a quest of self-awareness, self-improvement and self-disclosure.  I welcome your comments, feedback, suggestions and observations.  I also encourage you to join me on some of my personal challenges and share yours, too!!

Buckle your seatbelt.....here we go!!


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